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Sometimes we can all do with a little support. Sip some good and savour this delicious blend of green tea with a hint of ginger, citrus and echinacea.

"When we were building out this blend we wanted to give people a really enjoyable drink to support them throughout the year (particularly in the colder months), and something that they could go to when they were feeling under the weather. So it is dual purpose, if you like. Medical herbalists like me would often turn to Echinacea for just this kind of support, so that was an obvious choice. The cinnamon and ginger actively support the Echinacea by warming the body, which is important for our defences. Of course, lemon and ginger is a popular combination to soothe us when we feel under the weather."

Pamela is a medical herbalist, writer and educator based in Scotland and a member of the prestigious National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been the expert herbal advisor to Twinings since 2016 working closely with our blend development team.


Green Tea (26%), White Hibiscus, Ginger Root (15%), Echinacea Root (10%), Cinnamon Bark, Lemon Flavouring (10%), Lemon Peel (5%), Mango Flavouring, Lime Flavouring (4%) Contains caffeine

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