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Stay refreshed with this cold infusion blend of green tea, matcha and the delicious flavours of crisp apple and watermelon.

"The green tea that makes up the base of this blend will deliver some caffeine – but less than if it was infused in hot water. So I know that I can drink more of this without heading towards caffeine overload, but taking in a little at a time over the day while staying hydrated. The fruity flavours are refreshing and make that bottle of water a breeze to get through!"

Pamela is a medical herbalist, writer and educator based in Scotland and a member of the prestigious National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been the expert herbal advisor to Twinings since 2016 working closely with our blend development team.


Green Tea (34%), White Hibiscus, Apple Pieces (15%), Watermelon flavouring (15%), Apple flavouring (15%), Matcha (2.5%), Natural flavouring. Contains caffeine.

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