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Sleep well

A calming blend of soothing camomile, floral orange blossom, and a hint of sweet honey flavour. It's smooth and warming, making it the perfect part of your bedtime routine. Sleep Well is a delicious ritual to wind down your day.

“This blend layers together my very favourite herbs to calm busy minds and allow sleep to happen. The delicate floral notes lighten and calm my mood. Chamomile is well known for this but it also plays a role in supporting digestion – one of the other key reasons people don’t sleep well. Linden makes a really lovely infusion to help soothe the senses while orange blossom is a popular herb in Mediterranean countries, often given as a relaxing drink before bed. All three together with the sweetness of honey make this the perfect sleep tea for me.”

Pamela is a medical herbalist, writer and educator based in Scotland and a member of the prestigious National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been the expert herbal advisor to Twinings since 2016 working closely with our blend development team.


Linden, Orange Leaves, Camomile (10%), Orange Flowers (10%), Cinnamon Bark, Orange Blossom Flavouring (2%), Honey Flavouring (2%), Honey Pieces (1%)

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