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Easy Iced Tea Tutorial

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Easy Iced Tea Tutorial

Did you know you can easily make any of our Twinings' teas cold?

Simply read on for the easiest step-by-step process or hit play below for the video tutorial. 

How to make any of our teas cold

  1. Grab a double-walled or heatproof glass and your Twinings' tea of choice. 
  2. Add your teabag to the glass and fill with boiling water just to cover the teabag. 
  3. Leave for five minutes (or until cool). 
  4. Remove teabag, add ice and top up with cold water, and give it a stir.
  5. Add a little garnish if you're feeling fancy!

Some tips

  • Always use boiling water first, as this is what will create the infusion, and then add cold water to top up once the tea has brewed.
  • Leave for five minutes or until cool. As a rule of thumb, you can ideally leave our Herbal & Fruit Infusions until cool, or our other teas, like black or green, for up to ten minutes.
  • Always keep some ice cubes handy, so it's super easy and really quick to make.
  • All of our teas can be made cold, but our Herbal & Fruit Infusions work particularly well

Watch the tutorial