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French Earl Grey Mocktail

French Earl Grey Mocktail

Perk up our Parisian cuppa, French Earl Grey with this juicy, refreshing mocktail recipe.

Recipe by Twinings. 

Makes one glass. 

You'll need:
  • 2 French Earl Grey Tea bags
  • Freshly Drawn Water, boiled
  • Ice
  • Good Quality Orange Juice 
  • Soda Water
  • Your favourite Martini Glass 
  • Orange Slice (to serve). 

    The How-To: 
    • Brew French Earl Grey tea bags in boiling water for up to five minutes in a heat-proof mug or jug. (Fill with boiling water just to cover the tea bags.) 
    • In your Martini Glass, add Ice to fill glass.
    • Pour tea into glass and add orange juice. 
    • Finish with a splash of Soda Water and Orange Slice.

    Watch the tutorial: