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The Best Winter Teas

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The Best Winter Teas

Capturing the flavours of winter, from lemon and ginger tea to camomile and beyond.

As the cooler months approach, there's nothing quite like a soothing cup of winter tea to make us feel warm and cosy.
What makes a good winter tea, though? What kinds of flavours and aromas give us warmth, comfort and that sense of wellbeing we crave when the days are short and the nights are freezing? Let’s find out.

Lemon and ginger tea: a cup of self care

A perfect blend for winter, Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger tea combines the tangy brightness of lemon with the warming spice of ginger root. This invigorating herbal tea warms you from the inside out, making it a revitalising choice for cold days.

You might also enjoy: Defence +, with added Vitamin C, or Immune Support +, fortified with Vitamin D.


Camomile: classic comfort

Camomile tea, known for its calming and soothing effects, is a wonderful winter tea for a low-key evening. The gentle, floral flavour and aroma of Twinings’ Pure Camomile tea makes it a comforting choice, perfect for winding down after a long, chilly day.

You might also enjoy: Sleep Well, Camomile & Spiced Apple or Camomile, Honey & Vanilla


Cinnamon: a sweet and spicy delight

Cinnamon is another fantastic winter flavour, and Twinings’ Orange & Cinnamon tea is a sweet and spicy blend that’s next-level cozy.
Fun fact: there are two common varieties of cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon (known as “true cinnamon”), and cassia cinnamon (which is what is most commonly referred to as “cinnamon”).

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The ultimate winter tea

If you’re looking for a winter tea that takes those comforting flavours like ginger, lemon and cinnamon, and gives them extra oomph with added vitamins, probiotics, adaptogens and more, then our Benefit range is for you.

Why not try:
Metabolism + with ginger and cinnamon
Inner Cleanse with ginger, lemon and turmeric
Digest with turmeric, orange and star anise
Defence + with ginger, citrus and echinacea
Adaptogens Calm Mind with rooibos and cinnamon spice
Immune Support + with blackcurrant, raspberry, and elderberry.

From the zesty warmth of lemon and ginger tea to the soothing comfort of camomile and the spicy sweetness of cinnamon tea, there is a winter tea to suit every mood and moment. Embrace the flavours of winter and let these delightful teas bring warmth and wellbeing to your rituals.