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High-quality, silky smooth and full of flavour. Latte your day away with our brand-new range of creamy lattes.

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Our tea lattes are expertly blended by our master blenders with a unique, creamy formula, with a signature black tea powder, for a moment of indulgence at home, in the office or on-the-go. Available in a Chai Latte, a Choc Chai Latte and Vanilla Earl Grey Latte, the only tricky bit is to decide which one to have first!
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Celebrating our new range

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Matcha Green

Here at Twinings, we’re Matcha Ado About Everything, and that’s why we simply had to add Japan’s favourite drink to our line-up. Refreshing, vibrant and packed with natural antioxidants, our Matcha Green is master blended with both steamed and roasted green tea. Delicious hot or cold, and perfect in sweet or savoury dishes.
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Japan's Favourite Drink

Traditionally in Japan, Matcha is made from Japanese green tea leaves that have been ground down into a very fine powder. In our Matcha Green, we combine Matcha and green tea to deliver a double hit of green goodness.

Immune Support+

Our Immune Support+ is loaded with every ingredient to help you stay one step ahead each and every day. With bold berry flavours and echinacea for a hit of antioxidants, we’ve also fortified this tea with Vitamin D to support the normal function of your immune system.
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Honeybush, Orange & Mandarin

Bold, bouncy and bursting with flavour, we designed our Honeybush, Orange & Mandarin to refresh and rejuvenate. Blended with notes of sweet orange, fragrant mandarin and a twist of tangerine, this infusion is delicious simply steaming or poured over ice.
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