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Introducing Our Brand-New Teas

Introducing Our Brand-New Teas

Whether you’re looking to cosy up, clear the cobwebs, or stay one step ahead, our brand-new range of teas will inspire, invigorate, and send your tastebuds a flutter*. To celebrate the launch of our new range, we’ve whipped up everything you need to know about our latest additions, so fetch your reading glasses, fill up the kettle and read on.

Available in selected Woolworths stores from late April 2024, with Coles and IGA to follow from May 2024. 

Introducing: Tea Lattes

What’s a tea latte, you ask? Great question. Our tea lattes are inspired by a velvety cuppa you might order at your local cafe. Think high-quality, silky smooth and full of flavour. Our tea lattes are expertly blended by our master blenders with a unique, creamy formula and a signature black tea powder, for a moment of indulgence at home, in the office or on-the-go. Available in a Chai Latte, a Choc Chai Latte and Vanilla Earl Grey Latte, the only tricky bit is to decide which one to have first!
You might be wondering, ‘How do I make the perfect tea latte?’. Well, to make your tea latte hot, simply empty one sachet into your favourite mug. Add 200 mL of hot water, stir until dissolved and enjoy. For a creamier experience, add a dash of milk — cows, oat, almond — the choice is yours.
To make your tea latte cold, empty one sachet into your favourite glass. Add 25 mL of hot water and stir until dissolved. Add 150 mL of cold water or your choice of milk, stir and enjoy.

Introducing: Matcha Green

Here at Twinings, we’re Matcha Ado About Everything, and that’s why we simply had to add Japan’s favourite drink to our line-up. Refreshing, vibrant and packed with natural antioxidants, our Matcha Green is master blended with both steamed and roasted green tea. Delicious hot or cold, and perfect in sweet or savoury dishes — sprinkled atop smoothie bowls, added into protein balls or overnight oats, one thing we love about Matcha is all the many wonderful ways you can make it.
If you didn’t know (or want a refresher), traditionally in Japan, Matcha is made from Japanese green tea leaves that have been ground down into a very fine powder. In our Matcha Green, we combine Matcha and green tea to deliver a double hit of green goodness.

Introducing: Immune Support+

Put the plus in your cup with a mug of Immune Support+. Our Immune Support+ is loaded with every ingredient to help you stay one step ahead each and every day. With bold berry flavours and echinacea for a hit of antioxidants, we’ve also fortified this tea with Vitamin D to support the normal function of your immune system.
You might be wondering, ‘What does Vitamin D do?’. Well, in essence, Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that you can get through either food, the sun, supplements, or our Immune Support+ tea. Interestingly, Vitamin D aids in the regulation of immune system-supporting cells.

Introducing: Honeybush, Orange & Mandarin

Bold, bouncy and bursting with flavour, we designed our Honeybush, Orange & Mandarin to refresh and rejuvenate. Blended with notes of sweet orange, fragrant mandarin and a twist of tangerine, this infusion is delicious simply steaming or poured over ice.
Native to South Africa, honeybush is a naturally caffeine-free flowering plant. Also known as heuningbos by the Afrikaans, honeybush gets its name from its sweet-smelling yellow flowers that yield a golden honey-like flavour profile.

And that’s it — a whistle-stop tour of what’s new. Explore the full range here, and check out our common FAQs here. We’re super excited for you to try these teas, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!