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Brighten your day with a perfect combination of peppermint, green tea and guarana. Take a moment and find your focus throughout the day with this smooth and refreshing blend.

“We all need a shot of concentrations sometimes, but reaching for the caffeine can make us feel jittery. This blend is the perfect solution to that situation. The green tea and guarana in the blend both contain caffeine. In fact, gram for gram, guarana contains more caffeine than coffee – but due to other compounds in the plant it is thought to be absorbed more slowly and is better tolerated. I also love the fresh, clear scents of the mint and lemon verbena because they help me feel uplifted and alert, so they add an extra dimension to this focus boosting blend.”

Pamela is a medical herbalist, writer and educator based in Scotland and a member of the prestigious National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been the expert herbal advisor to Twinings since 2016 working closely with our blend development team.


Green Tea (37%), Verbena, Peppermint (18%), Hibiscus, Mint Flavouring (5%), Raspberry and Blackberry Flavouring, Guarana (4%) Contains caffeine

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