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How to stay hydrated this summer (and enjoy it!)

Tea and Me
How to stay hydrated this summer (and enjoy it!)

Summer. Long, languid days, endless blue skies and (if we’re lucky) holidays by the water. Then there’s the heat.


Most of us know the basics of staying hydrated: drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun wherever possible, exercise in the cooler hours of the day. But when one hot day turns into three hot months, and our calendars fill up, hydration can easily fall off the radar.


So, what can we do, beyond drinking water, to improve our hydration? We’re so glad you asked.


Tea and hydration

It’s true that caffeine is a diuretic (meaning it can have a dehydrating effect) but the caffeine content of black tea is low, and even lower in green tea and infusions, making tea a delicious and hydrating drink, hot or cold.


You might be thinking that hot tea is the last thing we should be drinking in hot weather, but studies have shown that hot beverages can help our bodies’ natural cooling mechanisms by encouraging the expulsion of heat through sweat. If more sweat doesn’t sound appealing though, feel free to stick with cold refreshments.


Idea: try a peppermint tea, a fruity infusion, or make an iced tea with a twist of lemon. You can find some tips in our top teas to have hot or cold.


Foods that support hydration

Water-rich foods are an excellent way to boost hydration, get some vitamins and minerals, and shake off those hunger pangs. They’re an easy, kid-friendly snack and a colourful addition to grazing platters for BBQs and picnics. You can even pour some blended fruit into icy pole moulds and give the little ones a treat (they don’t have to know it’s healthy).


Let’s look at ten of the most hydrating foods you can enjoy at your next get-together:

  1. Cucumbers (96% water)
  2. Zucchini (95% water)
  3. Celery (95% water)
  4. Lettuce (95% water)
  5. Tomatoes (94% water)
  6. Watermelon (92% water)
  7. Strawberries (91% water)
  8. Cantaloupe (90% water)
  9. Peaches (88% water)
  10. Oranges (88% water)


Idea: try a greek salad, a virgin bloody mary, or add some fresh or frozen fruit to a glass of sparkling water.


The rule of three

Have you heard of the three-drink theory? Popularised on TikTok, this simple theory suggests that three drinks are better than one, particularly if each brings something unique to the table. As the saying goes:


One for hydration. One for energy. One for fun.


One drink for hydration (e.g. water), one for energy (e.g. a smoothie or maybe something caffeinated) and one for fun (e.g. perhaps juice or mineral water). The great thing about this approach is that it enables you to enjoy a variety of tasty, nutritious and hydrating drinks so you never get bored.


Idea: Twinings Pure Green Tea for hydration, Twinings Live Well Revive + for energy, Twinings Mango and Strawberry infusion for fun.


There you have it! Try something new today and make refreshments refreshing again.