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It’s indisputably the most important thing we’ll ever do.

and yet, we often don’t know much about it or feel as though we don’t get “enough”.

In fact

just like our wellbeing journey, or even making a humble cup of tea, our relationship with sleep is deeply personal. And so, we introduce to you our Sleep Health Hub.

We’ve partnered

with Dr Moira Junge, CEO of The Sleep Health Foundation to deliver a refreshingly simple yet effective approach to getting a good night’s rest.

In this hub

you’ll find science-backed research, brilliant back-to-basics tips and tricks and compassionate wisdom that’s all centred around rest, self-care and getting a good snooze.
So flick on the kettle, switch to ‘do not disturb’ and dive into the wealth of resources we’ve compiled in an effort to make your sleep a little more simple. Or explore our range of brews to support your snooze.
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Meet Moira Junge

Dr Moira Junge, CEO of the Sleep Health Foundation.
Explore Sleep Tea

Sleep Health 101

Class is in session. Dive into these bite-sized videos designed to deliver all the essential answers on what happens when your head hits the pillow at night. Perfect for beginners or for those looking for a refresher on all things sleep health.

Sleep Myth Busting

Is a ‘sleep bank’ a thing? Is ‘hitting snooze’ that bad? In this section, we tackle with Moira all your burning sleep myth questions and bust one or two along the way! Ideal for watching once completing ‘Sleep Health 101’.

Sleep Bank

Hitting Snooze


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 Diving deeper

Now that the basics are covered, let’s go even further into the fascinating world of catching some Zzz’s. Perfect for those who want to take their sleep health knowledge even further.

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How to prepare for sleep

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An ideal day for sleep

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3 things to do to improve your sleep

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What to do when you can’t get to sleep

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Experiments & activities

Now that we’ve completed the basics and dove deep, it’s time for some actionable next steps in your sleep journey. Ideal once you’ve completed ‘Sleep Health 10’1, ‘Sleep Myth Busting’ and ‘Diving Deeper’.